"LASSEN" in English

'Have something done'

You can have your car washed at the garage.
"Did Ann make that dress herself?" "No, she had it made.
"Did they paint the house themselves?" "No, they had it painted.
"Has Jim cut the tree himself?" "No, he had it cut.
"Did Sue repair the car herself?" "No, she had it repaired.

'Get something done'

It is possible instead of have sg done (mainly in informal English)
I think you should get your hair cut.
She must get her coat mended.
Please get your shoes cleaned.

'make + base form' (Pflicht)

My parents made me go on holiday with them.
I didn't want to steal it. The other children made me.
Mother made me water the flowers.

'let + base form' (Erlaubnis)

They never let me go to the cinema alone.
I can't come. My parents won't let me.
The headmaster gave the afternoon off. He let everyone go home early.
Our PE teacher did not let us swim in the river.


Let him be! (Lass ihn in Frieden!)
Leave (or let) them alone. (Lass sie in Ruhe!)
Let me see! (Lass mich überlegen!)
Let go! (Lass los!)