Reported Speech - adverbs of time and place 2

Gap-fill exercise

Read the short text, then fill in the gaps in the following exercise. Fill in the correct adverbs of time and place, then press "Check" to check your answers. Good luck!
At the swimming pool:

Anne: “It’s so beautiful here, I will go to the swimming pool tomorrow again.”
Sam: “Why don’t we go the day after tomorrow? Tomorrow there is a meeting of the chess club.”
Anne: ”Isn’t that the second meeting this week yet?”
Sam: “No, we had a meeting last week, but not this week.”
Anne said it was so beautiful that she would go to the swimming pool again. Sam asked why they didn’t go , because there was a meeting of the chess club. Anne asked if that wasn’t the second meeting week yet. Sam told her that they had had a meeting but not week.