Adverbs and Adjectives with the same form

That is a very fast train.
It goes very fast.
He is a hard worker.
He works hard.
He has gone to the Far East.
We didn’t walk very far.
It is a straight road.
It runs straight for miles.
I saw a dead bird in the garden.
He was dead drunk.
That is a very high building.
The birds are flying high.
She is a pretty girl.
That is a pretty good picture.
My shoes are too tight.
Hold tight.
I’m afraid he is not well. (healthy)
He can sing well.
This is the short way home.
The teacher cut him short in the middle of the presentation. (interrupt)
Adverbs with two forms and different meanings
He came late.
I haven’t seen him lately.
The team played fair.
He did fairly well in his examination.
My grandparents live quite near.
I nearly made a mistake.
We had to work hard.
They could hardly find their way.
The boy climbed high up the tree. She is highly interested in history.
He studied deep into the night. He is deeply grateful for our support.
The car stopped short at the gate.
(in an abrupt way; suddenly)
He will come shortly (= soon).
Please be back at 6 o’clock sharp. The father spoke sharply to the boy.
You guessed wrong. He was wrongly accused of the crime.

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