Parts of the body


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13     14            
        15     16    


4. backbone
5. upper front part of the body, enclosed by the ribs, containing heart and lungs
8. it pumps blood through your body
9. your hand ends in five ...
11. joint (Gelenk) between leg and foot
13. you need them to see something
15. you bite with them
17. you bend your arm at your ...
18. your teeth and your tongue are in your ...


1. you kiss with them
2. part of your face under your mouth
3. you wear your pearls around it
6. you hear with them
7. when you have got a cold, you may have a sore ...
10. you need it to smell something
12. a joint (Gelenk) to bend your leg
14. your arm starts at your ....
15. what you have at the end of your foot (singular)
16. you have many of them in your mouth (singular)