Irregular Verbs

creep crept crept
strike struck struck
fling flung flung
shrink shrank shrunk / shrunken (used attributively
= "abgemagert; eingefallen" - cheeks)
shine shone / shined shone / shined (if it means to polish)
light lit / lighted lit / lighted (used attributively)
sink sank / sunk sunk / sunken (used attributively, f. e. with ship; treasure; eyes, cheeks)
shear sheared sheared / shorn (= have not longer)
cling clung clung
leap leapt / leaped leapt / leaped - AE
bend bent bent / bended (= kneeling)
rot rotted rotted / rotten (= gone bad, decayed)
wake woke / waked woken / waked
cast cast cast
smell smelt / smelled smelt / smelled (= AE)

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